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The Sunset Strip
Art print 70x100 cm

Black Moon
Art print 50x65 cm

Art print 50x65 cm

Flower Hat Jelly
Art print 70x100 cm

Ailes Volantes
Art print 50x65 cm

Therese Sennerholt is a freelance Art Director working mainly
with visual communication focusing on interior and fashion clients,
both advertising and editorial, such as Bolon,
H&M Home and other large or small scale companies.

Therese is also the head designer for her own brand where
she creates art prints that are sold worldwide.
This is her eight collection of prints. This time she has created more
timeless work of art that is offset printed on sustainable paper
in a smaller limited edition, signed and numbered.

Therese Sennerholt Design 
Vikingagatan 16 
113 42 Stockholm 
+46 708 554318 

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