Creative director, art director


For more than a decade, Therese Sennerholt has worked as a Senior Art Director and 
Creative Consultant for a wide range of international brands from her base in Stockholm.

Having started her career in print media, storytelling is close to Sennerholt’s heart, and one
of the corner stones of her studio. By deep and thorough research, a brief will come to
life and transform into unique brand concepts. The end goal is always to translate creativity
to commercial success, always with sustainability and cost effectiveness in mind.

The studio’s engagement with the client is a long-term commitment and it involves all parts of
the creative process. As an Art Director, Sennerholt is present from the start, from idea generation, 
to concept creation as well as team facilitation to deliver on the strategy.

The studio has a close-knit network of leading photographers, stylists, copywriters and
art workers – all handpicked to fit each different assignment depending on the client’s need.

For job inquiries or collaborations, please contact the studio.

Photo: Erik Lefvander

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There is more to explore